6• Boarding


Made it!!! Kaz is of course in first class
I passed him on the way to business
He was turned away sleeping
Or pretending to
This flight is 13 hours

Fox 5 now sharing my alert not to download or click LookU1 – and reporting affected iPhone and Android touchscreens are completely unresponsive. Not completely – they still let you play APpOCALYPSE…!
I am On Air in five.

Great, thanks for getting word out.

Before you go, what are you not telling me?

I told you all I know.

Maybe Artie knew more.

Why do you say that?

Well, they killed him first.


Sorry. They killed him. They didn’t kill you.

Well, he was our systems guy, so by definition, he knew a lot more than me. And we hadn’t finished our conversation when he was interrupted to go to Kazuyoshi’s office. And for some reason he handed me his BB.

He loved it - like me, Obama and Hillary loved ours - but Artie held on. There must be important information on it he was trusting you with.

Remember when North Korea hacked and wiped out Sony Pictures’ computers? A drawer of spurned BlackBerrys let execs email/text securely. That inspired Artie to hand out BlackBerry Passport Silver Editions to select colleagues last Xmas for a bad day at ScarySmart. Mine stayed in its box.

But for some reason, he handed me his Passport

Stay in touch inflight – here’s my BB Messenger pin: 8593***

Um, ok, will figure that out

Shit. Chinese lady with umbrella just got on the plane…Shit shit keeping head down…walked past me…sitting somewhere behind me.
Not gonna get much sleep on this flight…

On Fox now — the ChokoKitty Store at Mall of America!


Six kids were gathered in front playing APpOCALYPSE – supposedly the store is a “Sustenance Hub” in the game?

Yes, where the aliens draw their energy.

One of the group shouts, “Maximum destruction!” and presses his phone, there’s an explosion, and four of the six kids are dead.

This really happened?

Yes, Good Lord In Heaven. Just now.

God no.

I’m on.