4• Darko’s Death


I’m good now. Hailed a handicapped cart.

You aren’t handicapped.

Got a heavy heart… besides, late for my gate

Watching the news in the greenroom. A report from where your friend Arthur Gottesman died on the sidewalk at 51st and Broadway. They don’t know yet if it was an accident…or suicide.

It was Murder. Because of what he knew.. And what I know. Here it is:

You called Darko’s death “A tragic drowning in the Satanically immersive universe of DevilsGame.” You quoted Darko’s Mom, “My boy became somebody else, he was not my Darko.” Mom was right. What I found on the hard drive was not Darko at all.

17 days before his death, someone:
-- took over his DevilsGame account and sold his weapons, real estate and game status through his CyberSpaceExclusives storefront

-- made big bets on UGot1Shot, cashed out the winnings and maxed out Mrs. Ruger’s credit card to cover the loses

-- hacked his Facebook page and listed the titles of the 131 porn flicks he had viewed on our sister site Foxxx.com

-- posted a Facebook Live video of Darko’s facial expressions and groans while masturbating in front of his computer in his ruin of a room – earning 687 likes and a world of eviscerating comments before it was taken down

-- posted Darko’s lethal threat against the community college he’d quit before Xmas

The cops came to confiscate guns and homemade bombs from his room. But when they shouldered open the bedroom door against Darko’s dead weight, there were no guns or bombs.